Poem – Page 236

Friday 12 December 2008

A quarter an hour of martini-ettes,
The sommelier armoured for more;
But soon all the cages had evaporated.
With sore feet we left through the door.

And there leered above us a vast chandelier,
Our souls leapt up to the Heavens.
Against the brass banister we rested our chests,
The carpet below six and sevens.

We dined on mouse droppings and tranquillisers,
Preparations of lamb served pretentious,
Owl fresh from the village, and served without greens
But with Panda no longer ferocious.

Oh, pour out the oysters my charming new friend,
We’ll discuss the loan of your baby.
Quit in an instant the woman and man.
Don’t question the gent and the lady.

Our meal has now ended, but burgers still rain,
Poured by travellers with love for the vine.
So question the forces you salient pair
And attend to whose thoughts now to mine.