Oh, as you’ve probably heard…

Monday 28 March 2011

I lost my bet.

Happy Hippy

Oh, and…

Saturday 26 March 2011

By the way I should tell you that I have a $50 bet that Labor will get back in. My bet is with a mid-50s, hippy, Blue Mountains, Indian spirituality, musical theatre, Greens/Labor voting barrister barista who, I think, would hate to win.

I ignore the polls, I ignore Anthony Green. I haven’t given up hope yet. Let’s see how it plays out…

I do so hope he gets in…

Saturday 26 March 2011

Cyclists tremble! Prostitute cower! Homosexuals quiver (they do that anyway)! Teenagers run in fear! ‘cos Peter Madden is out to get you!


Antidote for sanity more like it…

… and I do always love articles that begin “I was a sex addict”. Makes me feel I’m amongst friends…

Unsuccessful “Sydney Morning Herald” Heckler piece – Families Schmamilies

Friday 25 March 2011

Thank you Kristina Keneally, thank you NSW Government, thank you yet again for nothing! Once more your election promise has decided to by-pass the common man and favour bloody families. Last time it was hardworking families, the time before that it was Aussie battler families, and the time before that it was giving families a fair go. What’s your big slogan this time round: Fairness to Families. Well one word for you: bollocks!

It’s not so much that I’m having immense difficulty in seeing how this vote sweetener is any different than others that Labor has dished out over the last 16 years; what my big beef is what’s so damn special about families? Tell me Kristina, what makes you think families have it any rougher than the rest of us; I mean, it must be so difficult paying off a mortgage with two incomes.

Little Timmy’s private school fees have gone up again? Well boo hoo! Send him to the local public with all the other snot rags.  Need that second car to get gifted little Susie to her violin class? Tell her to walk, or catch the bus, or get a paper delivery round, or whatever it is that young people do these days. Exhausted after the daily three-hour commute? Get a job closer to where your McMansion is. Electricity bill too high? Turn off the 80” LCD TV and read a book!

But this isn’t a rant aimed at families. What gets my goat is just how stupid do politicians think the general public are that by rattling off yet another cliché about how they understand the plights of managing both a family and a budget, that that will be enough to guarantee a safe path to electoral victory. “Oh look, they’re offering us a $50 gift voucher for school books,” says Mister and Missus 2.4 Kids, “that surely gets my tick in the box!” I like to think people are more intelligent than that.

So Kristina, my burning question is this: what’re you gonna offer the rest of us to secure our vote? What’ve you got in that magic bag for the mid 30’s, inner-city, homosexual, university educated, physically healthy, devilishly good-looking, single white male with a good income, his own apartment, decent public transport access, and a very well stocked corner providore? Basically, what I’m asking is what’s in it for me?

Actually, just offer me enough for a beer; I’m pretty fickle like that.