Clyde’s nearly there …

Sunday 14 February 2010

… but until then, too cute …


Seventeen Seconds

Sunday 6 December 2009

I’ve had a pretty shit time this last week. I’m pretty much o-v-e-r work and am sick to the back teeth with all the stupid questions I am constantly asked by my colleagues (“How do I underline something in Word?” Press the little button of a U with an underline under it.; “Why won’t my printer work? I’ve sent it seventeen times and it’s still not there” Because you have sent it to the wrong printer. Congratulations, someone else now has seventeen copies of this incredibly contentious document.; “My letter won’t fit into this envelope, what should I do?” Fold the letter in half then try again.). As previously mentioned I’ve been playing the part of A/EA throughout November and continued to do so last week and – if all rumours are true – I’ll be doing it all the way through till Christmas, so I haven’t had a day off for ages (The one day I did have off to finish my script I was called in to the office to help with an important mail out.). So, basically, I’ve had it with work; for the rest of this year anyway.

Also, and this is the clincher, I did something very bold and Richard Curtis-y and emailed a fellow I have a thing for to tell him (“because it’s Christmas”) that I have a thing for him. Anyway, I haven’t heard anyway and have fretted / stressed about it so much that yesterday I woke with a cold sore. So, what lesson did Clyde learn Readers? It’s far better to sit in the corner, get drunk and do nothing because if you try to do something productive Cupid goes at you with a machete instead of an arrow. A lesson I think all of us have learnt at sometime in our lives… Cheers!

So throughout the week I’ve had a little YouTube window open on my computer so when I am getting too down in the dumps I can be injected with a quick pick-me-up. If you haven’t seen this, then you aren’t one of the 8 million who have already delighted in its pleasures. Please enjoy the loveliest 17 seconds on the internet:

I understand that Spielberg’s interested the film rights.

There’s a great article about it here at Boing Boing where a journalist tracked down the owner of the cat. It’s in French but there’s a translation; it’s worth the read.

Apparently the female kitten’s name is Attila Fluff – ain’t that something?