No blog today

Friday 30 January 2009


This is a going to be a quick missive just to say that I won’t be posting anything up so there won’t be an entry today, so there’s no need to read on any further ‘cos I’m not going to be saying anything – well, of course I will be saying something, what I mean is I won’t be saying anything special or original – though, if you think about it, and to steal quite blatantly from an old Fry and Laurie sketch, it’s pretty easy to at least say something original, so for instance if I type …

Considering it was Tuesday, Samuel, the ship’s captain’s butler, preferred to remain onshore to a meal of oysters and ham than go skindiving with Baron Paul Gautsch von Frankenthurn.

… I can be pretty save in saying that no one has ever typed that before, but – and this is the but – even though it’s indeed original, it’s just not anything special – do you see my point?

So, on that matter, we might as well leave this there as it’s sure not going to get anymore interesting – especially as I now have to go get ready ‘cos I’m meeting someone in a bit over half an hour – hang on, the phone’s ringing.

Ah, well that was him saying he’s running late so it seems I can stay here a bit longer as I’m no more in that great a need to go bathe and make myself nice, you know: trim the beard, ablute, squirt on the Old Spice – hey, do you want to know something wierd? There actually is no verb to ablute. The word only exists in its noun form ablution, but I would have surely thought then, just by a simple arithmetic deduction, that you must surely have the verb to ablute (“Arithmetic?” you say? I’m using it in the sense of “ablution (n) = ablute (v) + tion (n forming suffix)” even though I know it’s probably not the right word. In that case I call my next witness Humpty Dumpty who so famously said:

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

… hang on, I think I’m getting a little bit off track, where was I?) but from all my research (I’d say about 2 minutes’ worth), it doesn’t seem to exist. According to my trusty Apple Dictionary the word “ablution” originates from late Middle English from the Latin ablutio(n-), from abluere, from ab- “away” + luere “wash.” I quote:

The original use was as a term in chemistry and alchemy meaning “purification by using liquids”, hence “purification of the body by washing” (mid 16th cent).

Isn’t that interesting?

Hang on, did I just say something interesting? This blog (which is not a blog just me saying that I’m not going to today be writing a blog) was not supposed to be about anything special, and the word “special” has a pretty synonymous link to the word “interesting” – well, it does in my book anyway! Well, all I can say is I’m sorry to all those people who stopped reading way back when I said to stop reading ‘cos it looks like they missed something interesting after all. So, if any of those people who did stop reading are still reading, sorry that I told you to stop reading and please read on.

Oh dear, I seem to have written a blog entry after all. Perhaps I should go back and change my introduction and say that I will be posting something up and so it will be worth reading on? But that’s the trouble with blogs, you see, even if I did it’s already there on the ‘net, live to the world. Some fleeting statement that was said with no meaning of thought or malice becomes grouted in 1’s and 0’s for ever and ever for all the world – and future ones – to see. Perhaps I should read this back and give it a quick edit before hitting the “Publish” button, check for anything scandalous, or perjurious, or simply mean? Nope, too late, the button is clicked and my concern is gone. I’m already too busy trying to remember what my upcoming date looks like, which reminds me – I better go get ready considering now I’m running terribly late.

There might be a lesson here, if only I would stop looking up the names of deceased Austrian Prime Ministers and perhaps pay attention …