Meet Bill

Bill made his first appearance at the 2009 Harbour City Bears’ Art Space, as part of the 2009 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. He is a combination of my interest in collage, fabric and paper dolls. I think he’s pretty cute.

Presently he is in three forms:

Paper Bill

A4 sheet (297mm x 210mm), 230gsm card stock. I have these for sale for $5 a sheet (includes all postage). Drop me a line for more information.

Click on the image below for a better look. Original does not have watermark.

Paper Bill

Dress Bill

An interactive Flash version of Paper Bill. Play here.

Canvas Bills

Each canvas – 12″ x 16″ (approx 300mm x 400mm). Materials: fabric, felt, vinyl, ribbon, embroidery thread and embellishments on canvas. $250 each canvas. Again, contact me if you are interested in purchasing any available Bills.
Just Bill - SOLD!

Just Bill

Business Bill

Business Bill

Casual Clyde

Casual Bill

Chef Clyde

Chef Bill - GONE!

Super Clyde

Super Bill - SOLD!

Pool Party Clyde

Pool Party Bill

Dorothy Bill

Dorothy Bill - SOLD!

Country Bill

Country Bill - GONE!

Flinders Bill

Flinders Bill

Leather Bill

Leather Bill - SOLD!

Slave Bill - SOLD!

Slave Bill - SOLD!

Party Bill - SOLD!

Party Bill - SOLD!

One Response to Meet Bill

  1. wagenblatz says:

    can do you one better with DRESS JESUS

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