About Me

Once upon a time there was a handsome prince who was wandering through the forest and pondering to himself, “Ooh, what am I like, what am I like?” when all of a sudden a large frog jumped out of a nearby pond and into the prince’s path.

“What are you like?” asked the frog. “I’ll tell you what you’re like mate. Can’t answer a simple question such as ‘About Me’, gotta think yourself clever, gotta try something a little new. Well, good luck to you mate.” And with that, hopped off into the forest and, unbeknownst, into the waiting jaws of a low flying albatross.

“Oh,” said the handsome prince. “Suppose he’s got a point there,” and he sat on a handy stone and wondered what to do next.

“Lucky you don’t believe in talking frogs, isn’t it?” said a boot-wearing cat that just so happened to be passing by. “Saw the whole thing mate. Impossible.”

“Oh, well that’s all right then,” said the handsome prince to the boot-wearing cat. “Thanks for the info.”

“No probs,” said the boot-wearing cat, and with a friendly nod, the two continued on their seperate ways.

“Oh, there’s just one thing,” called the boot-wearing cat to the handsome prince as the two were about to disappear from each other’s view. “The real question is: do you believe in talking boot-wearing cats?”

And with that, the boot-wearing cat disappeared over the hill, never to hear what the handsome prince said in reply.

The End

5 Responses to About Me

  1. fixator says:

    What a wonderful and inventive intro

  2. Mazza says:

    I don’t believe in boot-wearing cats, but I believe in large teddy bears with red curly hair and toy odour.

  3. Frank says:

    Ha,he. That’s cute. You’re cute. Have I said too much?

  4. That Is the worst most dumbest and randomest storie i have ever heard ITS CRAP!

  5. Thank you Dimmey. Please learn to spell.

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