What I did on my holidays – Christmas in Bendigo

Well, I have to say the trip began fucking horrendously. Got home from work and went to close the bedroom window when – CRACK! – and down went the window’s glass onto the street far below… SMASH!

I did what any red blooded man would do – I panicked.

Quick call to a friend to help put some sense to the whole thing, and so I staple gunned ( I knew I bought that thing for a reason) an old canvas over the hole. Over the canvas I shoved an old cardboard box, then stapled as much of that as I could to the canvas, and then stapled the venetian blind to the box, THEN stapled the curtain to the window sill. There was a lot of stapling.

A quick shower (and a stress release cry) later, I was packed and heading out the door, but as I put my hand on the door knob I heard SMASH! Another piece of glass fell. Always the good moral citizen, I ignored it and left the building by the back door.

At the bus station (bus station!) I lent against a shop front and watched the rain (rain!) settle in while listening to my ipod. An elderly Chinese gentleman asked me which was the correct bus to Melbourne and as I took the ipod speaker from my ear there was a SNAP! – and the speaker bit came off the body of the head phone. Great, I thought, two down, bring on Number Three.

The trip, all near 12 hours of it, was happily not an unpleasant one. For its remarkable price ($60 compared to $125 for the train or $250+ to fly) don’t think I’d hesitate to do it again, but let me complete the return fare before committing myself to that.

Bendigo is incredibly hot, around the 34-37 mark, so I’ll probably spend most of the time inside the cinema watching the Boxing Day films, or wandering the newly extended mall, which looked very nice the little bit I saw. Only complaint so far was the difficultly in finding pure cream to make the Delia Smith chocolate bread and Butter pudding for Christmas dinner. I could find every different combination of thickened and brandy-flavoured, but just the plain untreated stuff that gets squirted straight from the cow, impossible. After walking back into the city I found the last three remaining 200ml containers each being price marked up to $17.64 each. Christmas robbery!

Incidentally, do you ever wonder how big Santas’ carbon footprint is?

The blow-up mattress I got the Pares a Christmas or two ago holds up very well and is very comfortable, much better than the old mouse house mattresses they used to have. I had been warned that it does slowly go down (giggedy) and in the morning I woke to find myself resting on the floor surrounded by two big blown up sides. I finally understand what a hotdog must feel like.

Christmas was an enjoyable affair at one of my sister and her girlfriend’s place. Present giving was fun with another sister making some of the yummiest little biscuits I have had – her gingerbread house, though a little bland on the ginger, also looked lovely. We all sat around drinking and playing Trivial Pursuit, then, when the Pares went home, the siblings bonded over childhood memories.  A nice time.

Didn’t feel too chipper this morning (there wasn’t much left of the cask, especially if you consider the bottle of bubbles drunk before) so napped the day away. All those new movies going to waste. Might go into the city tomorrow and have a little wander around.

I hope it’s sunny weather in Sydney…


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